Problem Solution: GenOne

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Problem Solution: GeneOne

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Problem Solution: GeneOne

GeneOne is a $400 million biotechnology company and is seeking to be publicly traded, to get to this point, the company should examine their current situation before they can establish the end-state goals. They may need to replace the senior leadership team while having effective teams in place, and they need to build an organizational culture that is committed to both the plan and corporation. Additionally, they must take the stakeholders perspectives into consideration to assist in the prevention of ethical dilemmas which will help propel the company in achieving their end-state goals. Through these changes, the company should not have any problem becoming a publicly traded company within three years.

This paper will present the current problem faced by GeneOne and address the issues and opportunities confronting the company, followed by the company's end state vision.

The alternative solutions and associated risks from a business perspective, to include where they are currently and where the company is likely to be after the IPO transition. This information will be used to devise a solution for GeneOne for its continued growth into an established leader in the bioengineering industry. Finally, topics of discussion will include the formulation of a viable solution for GeneOne followed by an implementation and evaluation plan to measure the success.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

There are several issues which led to the current situation that GeneOne is facing. Several members of the senior leadership became emotionally involved during the decision-making process in an attempt to remove some key members of the firm, and there is no effective teamwork or trust among them. GeneOne aspires to grow and be a publicly traded...