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IntroductionGlobal Communications is faced with the problem of lacking growth and profitability. It is forced to compete in an industry with too much competition. Its management has come up with an idea of competing but it does not know how to proceed further with the plan. Global Communications will have to make tough decisions on how to proceed further. These decisions include reorganization through outsourcing, salary reductions and staff reductions.

Before it can move forward, it has to analyze the feasibility of its decisions by looking at its vision and comparing that vision against alternative solutions. It must assess the risk involved in making any business decisions and measure these decisions against its desire to grow. Once the company decides to move forward, it must then decide on the optimal solution, determine the best way to move forward on implementation of the plan and evaluate the results. Only then will it be ready to return to profitability and realize growth.

Situation Analysis - Issue and Opportunity IdentificationGlobal Communications is a telecommunications company. Over the last three years, the company's' stock has dropped from $28 a share to $11 a share; in addition to this, it faces fierce competition with local, long distance and international markets. To combat this, Global Communications senior management team has decided to implement cost saving features by moving its' call centers abroad - which will save the company 40%. It now faces the dilemma of losing talent and productivity as a result of moral decline. This will affect the company's ability to meet its goal of transferring its operations abroad and being able to satisfy its customers' demands so that it can remain profitable.

Table 1 - Issue and Opportunity IdentificationIssueOpportunityReference to SpecificCourse Concept(Include citation)ConceptGlobal Communications stock has fallen from $28/share to $11/share. Profit realization...