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Problem Solution: Global CommunicationsProblems or challenges are an inevitable part of any business environment. In fact, many business organizations have to make critical decisions on a routine or daily basis. These decisions are essential to their operation and may have a huge impact on their company's financial health. These problems can be handled effectively by businesses adopting problem-solving models to assist them in identifying the problems, the available alternatives, assist in the implementation or execution of solutions, and generally serve as a guideline in problem solving.

The purpose of this paper is to educate the readers on the realistic application of University of Phoenix's 9-Step Problem-Solving model. Using Global Communications as the subject of the case study, the paper will describe how a strategy was designed and implemented to assist the organization in identifying the problems, establishing alternatives, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and selecting the most appropriate course of action.

The paper will show how Global has arrived at the most optimal solution or solutions that would address all the organizational problems and attain all its business goals by applying the problem-solving model. This paper encourages readers to evaluate Global's background to gain better understanding of the company's position. Gaining an understanding of the company's background would provide a solid foundation needed in finding a resolution to the problems at hand.

Situation AnalysisDue to increased competition in the telecommunications industry, Global has been struggling to maintain its market share. In the past three years, the company has seen a significant 50% depreciation in its stock value. In addition to increased competition in the telecommunications industry, the organization feels vulnerable from cable companies that recently started offering all-inclusive communications solutions. Global is currently ill equipped to compete with cable companies that are offering complete packages for television, telephone, and...