Problem Solution: InterClean Inc.

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University of Phoenix In response to the evolving sanitation industry, InterClean has made some large organizational changes to maintain a competitive advantage. These changes include a change in sales strategy and the acquisition of another company. These changes require complete restructuring in many areas of InterClean including human resource process such as training, development and employee replacement. In order to manage this massive transition successfully, InterClean must develop a process that allows for the realization of opportunities and acknowledges all stakeholder groups.

This paper begins with an analysis of the current state of InterClean and the identification of issues/opportunities and stakeholder groups. From this data, a problem statement and end-state vision is defined for InterClean, and a summary of benchmarking research results in the formation of alternative solutions. These alternative solutions are then rated in relative to the fulfillment of the end-state goals, and any risks and mitigation techniques are noted.

Analysis of this information leads to the creation of an optimal solution and a comprehensive description of what the solution looks like and how it will help InterClean achieve their end-state vision. An implementation plan is then created with timelines and delegation of responsibility. The paper is concluded with measurable and specific ways to evaluate the results of the implementation.

This problem solution proposal is highly researched and examined to provide InterClean with the best possible solution for achieving their desired outcome.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationInterClean is currently a major player within the sanitation industry. In order to maintain this position as an industry leader, InterClean must evolve as the industry does. In light of stricter environmental requirements, clients are looking for full service and solution-based companies that can provide them with more that just sanitation products. This emerging trend has provoked David Spencer, President and CEO of...