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Riordan Manufacturing, founded in 1991 by Dr. Michael Riordan, revealed expansion plans for a production facility to be located in the Hangzhou Province of China. Riordan chose the expansion to increase revenue by producing components in China. "Today, more firms than ever are earning some of their revenue from international operations" (Doh, Hodgetts & Luthans, 2005, pg. 6). The facility was proven to be in compliance with the local regulatory bodies and was prepared for operations.

This paper will provide the reader with an overview of the most important past events that led to the issues and opportunities Riordan could face while implementing the expansion plans. The various interests, rights, and values of the stakeholder and ethical dilemmas will be recognized and the end-state vision will be disclosed. Riordan's vision for the organization in the future will be determined in a problem statement, leading up to a reflection of the desired end-state vision for Riordan.

Alternative solutions will be developed and analyzed with risk assessment and mitigation techniques identified for the alternatives. Lastly, the solution for Riordan will be discussed with an implementation plan and measurement metrics identified.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationThe exisitng facility that was purchased by Riordan Manufacturing had problems in the past with obtaining qualified personnel. "Too much competition in the local province has lead to a lack of available Chinese skilled labor; however, there is available foreign labor in the form of Pakistanis, Indians, and Koreans in Hangzhou and the nearby provinces" (University of Phoenix, 2009, para3). To compensate for the lack of skilled labor from the Chinese natives, the existing facility hired employees from the foreign labor market, resulting in management and production issues.

Riordan Manufacturing will face several issues while developing an effective personnel management plan within a cross-cultural workforce...