Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing

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Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing

Thomas D'Amore

University of Phoenix


Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing

In order for any company to gain competitive advantage over other companies in the same industry, it is important that the management team understands the importance of improving business results through people. Employees are the maker or breaker of any company. Without increased motivation and morale of the employees in a company, the company risks losing valuable employees and will be at a disadvantage in attracting potential top talents. As the economy continues to change and competition continues to increase, businesses have to find ways to satisfy their employees in order to retain the best ones.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the situation at Riordan. The company has made several strategic changes in the way it manufactures and markets its products and has chosen to adopt a customer-relationship management (CRM) system.

Unfortunately, as changes have been implemented, employee retention numbers have declined and there has been an overall decrease in job satisfaction, particularly in the areas of compensation and benefits. This paper will present a problem statement that would outline Riordan's challenges and identify opportunities that might result from facing their challenges. This paper will also identify future end-state goals for the company.

Situation Analysis

As a global plastics producer, Riordan Manufacturing employs 550 individuals. The business has projected annual earnings of $46 million (University of Phoenix, 2005). The company is a division of Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise. Riordan Mfg. has production divided among three plants. Plastic beverage containers are produced in Albany, Georgia. Custom plastic parts are manufactured in Pontiac, Michigan. Parts for plastic fans are produced in Hangzhou, China. Corporate is headquartered in San...