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Applying Reason to Problem Solving

Jade Turner

PHL 251

Carla Burruss

June 16, 2004

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Applying Reason to Problem Solving

When we face emergencies, deadlines, critical situations, and decisions, which call for action, often we respond to our instinct and just as often we make judgments in haste. No matter if the issues are personal, educational or business, occasionally we do not take the time to consult with those "who have been there, done that!" At times we do not investigate the resources available. In problem solving, following guidelines can save time and heartache. How effectively we use these guidelines will determine our chances for a positive resolution to the problem at hand. The guidelines are as follows:

First, identify and clarify the problem; we must know the problem in order to solve it. Second, gather information; we must know all the details to come to the correct solution.

Third, evaluate the evidence; things are not always as they seem, determine whether the information is justifiable. Fourth, consider alternatives and implications; identify the strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, Choose and implement the best alternative.

At times I have been guilty of not following the guidelines and making hasty decisions. My most recent account deals with my career choice and family. Initially when my husband and I left the military it was decided that we would go to Atlanta, Georgia. Even though my husband was from Savannah he felt that Atlanta would have a better market for his job skills. However, it has been a year and we both have not found the dream jobs that we were in search of after leaving the military. We feel upset with ourselves because we did not properly research the market for our job fields or determine...