Problem Solving and Judgement

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Problem Solving and Judgment

Problem Solving and Judgment

Being on any kind of team takes hard work and dedication. Sometimes the personalities and differences between a team is what can set the standard whether good or bad. Regardless of personalities and differences individuals have to realize when working on a team, the outcome must be the best as a whole not for the individual. Working for any organization requires some type of team work, and the management team must always set the standards. When working in a group setting managers have to sometimes come up with the best methods in order to reach a company goal. This paper will address the members of a management team putting together a management plan which includes discussing the best methods that the management team can use to problem solve areas under consideration, discussing how judgment is included in these processes, and providing an example in the plan.

Best Methods

Management teams are like any other teams because they can consist of more than one person with various ideas. The key word in management is team and it is extremely important for each member of the team to be on the same page of what the goal is and that everyone should communicate his or her best ideas. When a management team is asked to problem solve areas under consideration by discussing the best methods, the methods could include but are not limited to expert advice, trial and error, estimating the cost and benefits, and implement the best solution and its effects (Robertson, 2001). By choosing these methods to help problem solve the management team should come up with the best solution for the areas that are...