Problematic Parenting

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Parenting is not a job to be taken lightly. It is the most important job a person can have. Parenting is not instinctive. If it were, everyone who had a child would be a good parent. Certain individuals are not fit to be parents but for some reason, unfortunately, a lot of these individuals are. Who will pay for the common mistakes in parenting. Well, it would seem to me that the children will. There must be a solution to minimize the growing epidemic of bad parenting.

There are many different factors that, in my opinion, define bad parenting. We can see how this problem is effecting our society by looking at the increase of crime rates. Also we can see the difference from the general norm of the past and the the general norm of today to see how prevalent this problem is. There are some very obviously bad habits a parent should avoid.

You shouldn't tell your children what not to do and continue to do it yourshelf. Another bad habit is involving your child in your adult problems.

One way you can view bad parenting is by looking at our prison system. Americas incarceration rates are getting getting higher year by year. What could be the reason for this? Bad parenting is a logical reason. What do you think those inmates lives were like when they were growing up? I would have to guess that a very small percentage of the inmates grew up in a picture perfect house hold. Would the lives of our prisoners be any different if their fathers didn't walk off on their family because they didn't feel like having a family. Children learn love early by their parents love for them. When a child comes from a abusive home thats...