Problems with administration in school.

Essay by Keir November 2005

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1. Parents are never informed as to the status of their children DESPITE OUR CONSTANT PLEAS.

I was shocked to find out that at no time was Tanya's parents ever alerted to the fact that she missed two classes a week and was behind in every subject. Not having taught her, I knew last year she was in trouble yet was told that her parents had only been emailed that day and had received no reply. Ilia Song had emailed them the previous week.

I have complained since last year about Philedia not doing any work- TOK or Geo fieldwork, and has not done her Business and Management. I complained directly AND REGULARLY SINCE LAST YEAR, saying that her parents HAD to be contacted because I did not have their email address and did not know Chinese. To this date they still have no idea as to what her situation is.

Last month I was passed off after being told that, rather than calling her parents there and then, a parent-teacher meeting would be set up in the foreseeable future to sort this out, despite the urgency of the matter and the fact that her parents for all I knew were in Taiwan and, like most parents, had never come to such meetings before.

The new Maths teacher informed me how shocked Tonganika's parents were about his situation. "But the school allowed him to take HL and said he was doing fine."

Another example of a surprised parent is that according to Ilia Song, Goth's mother had been informed by administration that her son's only problem was that he was seen kissing Palmarene in the hall, despite no attempt made to ask any of his teachers for information. It is this avoidance to confront parents and forcing teachers to constantly...