The Problems with Arranged Marriages

Essay by natasha611 March 2005

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Around the world, in many places, in different religions there are arranged marriages. There should not be arranged marriages. There should not be arranged marriages because if people do not get to choose their spouses, their marriages do not run smoothly all of the time.

In some cultures, the bride and groom have never met and do not get to see each other until the ceremony begins. This might seem good, but not always. There are many downfalls in this. For example, some people prefer to have a spouse that is adventurous, exciting, or very religious, but it is not easy to judge an offspring by their parents. Just because their parents are like this doesn't mean their child is also.

Some people get married because their parents made them, so they would be married into a rich family, or to save their family business, but the truth is they already gave their heart to someone.

This can be a problem because even though the bride loves her husband, he might not love her because he might love someone else, or vice versa. If one married the one he loved, it would be a lot easier for people.

One of the main problems is when the two do not get along. They constantly fight, yelling at each other, or even get violent. This can lead to a divorce. This is much worse than not getting married to them in the first place. This is bad for the family, which was trying to gain importance in the society, and in many cultures that is considered to be worse than committing suicide.

In conclusion, there should not be arranged marriages. There shouldn't be any because this can lead to even bigger problems. If you could marry the one you...