Problems with Distributed Databases

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When a problem occurs within a distributed relational database, it is necessary to first identify where the problem originates. The problem may be on the application server or application requester. When the database problem is located properly in the network, you may further isolate the problem as a user problem, a problem with an application program, or communications problem in order to correct the error.

Problem analysis needs to be managed in a distributed database environment. Problem analysis involves both identifying and resolving problems for applications that are processed across a network of systems. Consider the following:

*Distributed database processing problems manifest themselves in various ways. For example, an error return code may be passed to a distributed database application by the system that detects the problem. In addition, responses may be slow, wrong, or nonexistent.

*Tools are available to diagnose distributed database processing problems. For example, each distributed relational database product provides trace functions that can assist in diagnosing distributed data processing problems.

When a problem occurs accessing a distributed relational database, it is the job of the administrator to:

*Determine the nature of the problem, and

*Determine if it is a problem with the application or a problem with the local or remote system.

A problem you encounter when running a distributed relational database application can exhibit two general symptoms:

*The user receives incorrect output

*The application does not complete in the expected time

Investigating a problem usually begins with the user. Users may not be getting the results they expect when running a program or they may get a message indicating a problem. Sometimes the best way to diagnose and solve a problem is to step through the procedure with a user. The copy screen function allows you to do this either in real time with...