Problems International students face when they go to new countries

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Here are some of the difficulties which international students face:•Language problems: This is the most common among international students and especially among those whose native language is not English. Along with this the problem, understanding ascent and slangs adds up more to it.

•Cultural differences: Due to difference in the culture also, some problems come. For e.g. Here people are more open with each other no matter its male or female, which is not the case in countries like Pakistan (there it's very severe problem).

•Funds problem: Another big problem among international students. Fee which universities charge from international students is pretty high as compared to local students. And moreover as more of the students belongs to the developing countries like India, china, Sri Lanka etc. The amount they pay here becomes huge when gets converted into their currency value. They try to help themselves by working and saving•Lack of acceptance by locals: this problem is not very serious in Australia but still it's there.

That's why sometimes they hesitate to mix with others.

•Home sickness: Is very much prevalent among those who came out from their homes for the first time.

•Work Load: Most of the students here face problems because of the amount of work load on them. They need to study more as a full time students + part time jobs + looking after themselves (food, clothing. Housing etc). Most of them have never done so much back home. So being more independent here also sometimes creates problem as they are not used too.

•Internal conflict: they also have some internal conflicts within themselves. Conflict of managing everything and fixing priorities, which even becomes stronger when looked up with their dream of settling down here.

Guys these are some of the difficulties/conflicts which international students face here. I have tried to give the overview, remaining we can discuss more. I hope it will help.