Problems in Ireland. This was really hard to write because well, Ireland has NO PROBLEMS. With Bibliography.

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The Republic of Ireland has been a country filled with troubles over the whole course of history. Conflict started off the second half of the twentieth century because of its problem with terrorism from the Irish Republican Army, or IRA, who just in 2002 apologized for its actions. Although the IRA is considered peaceful, its political party, Sinn Féin, is still found active promoting its views (CIA). Adding to the country's problems, Ireland's recent economic success is now burdening it with the problem of incredibly high immigration rates that their current economy, even if one of the highest in the world, cannot effectively assimilate (Menn). In order to reduce the goings-on with terrorism that have challenged Ireland resulting from the controversy over the unification of Irish peoples, the Irish Republican Army's political party and foreign dealings of the IRA must forego violence and embrace normal political discourse; Ireland's problems with immigration can be solved by researching the rates of success each business is having, and estimate an appropriate amount of work permits to be issued to immigrants.

The island of Eire has suffered acts of terrorism and total controversy in the last century, and it is only recently that relative peace has been established. The Protestants in Ulster, the northern sector of Ireland, believe that being under British rule is a fine way of life. The mainly Catholic populations in the southern Republic of Ireland want to unite the whole island of Eire into one state, so the few Catholic Republicans in Northern Ireland started the Irish Republican Army, or the IRA (Ireland). The IRA bands only to reunite Northern Ireland with The Republic of Ireland, to have all Irish people united in one country. Beginning in 1969, Northern Ireland ruled itself by various Catholic and Protestant...