Problems of living with roommates

Essay by sendlena March 2004

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I'm sharing the apartment with another girl in order to save my money and make friends, but it is not easy to live with other people that you have never known before. We agreed to live and help each other be responsible for everything in the apartment. At first, Anne and I helped do all the housework together, but when the school opened our apartment got messy. Because both of us were busy from the schoolwork, no one paid attention to the housework. Our living room was filled with empty bottles of water, and some of them still contained more than half of the water. In the bathroom, there was a lot of falling hair on the floor and in the tub. The sink was dirty, and the space around the sink had make-up items which were scattered all over the place. Sometimes when I woke up at night, I saw the light still turned on even though no one was in there.

We didn't know who was responsible for that. Also, we shared the utility bills, but it always past due. Lastly, our refrigerator was filled with food. Some of them were expired and spoiled, but some of them were fresh. The food was mixed. Sometimes I couldn't find our food where we kept it, and it made me mad.

I considered just living by myself, but I have decided it is worth while to learn how to live with other people. Maybe I will tell Anne that we should make the understanding of who is responsible for each task in our apartment. For example, I think we can use different color rubber bands to mark the bottles that each person has drunk, so we will know who the owner of each bottle is. Also, we may...