Problems Occurred By Drugs Alcohol And Girls

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Zhenya and I were friends since I moved to a new house. I was about five years old. At that time we used to play soccer, games and toys. We were friends for twelve years. However, now all has changed. We are not friends anymore because of the three problems: girls, alcohol and drugs.

The first problem happened when we started to meet the same girl. Nobody knew about it, only the girl. Her name was Olya. One day I went to her house. Olya was home, so we started to talk and after a while to kiss outside her house, and just after we started, Zhenya came. It was a hell of a conflict. He started to yell at me and her and after that ran away.

My birthday happened to be one week later. I was trying to reach Zhenya but he reached me first by phone. We talked about five minutes and decided to be friends again.

I invited him to my birthday and he said that he is going to come. Next day the party went well but Zhenya didn't come. I was trying to call him but nobody answered the phone. When everybody went home I went in bad thinking of how dare he could be. He didn't even call that's why I couldn't even sleep. On the next day he called me and said that he had to go to the hospital because his mother was sick. I believed him. And we became friends again. But few minutes later Zhenya's mother called me and asked about him. She told me that he didn't come home last night. I was confused. Why did Zhenya try to lie to me. When I met him I got in conflict again, which I would rather not tell you. But in a few days we got together again.

After a while we got new friends but I really didn't have time to be with them. All my time I spent on studying for my exams in high school. One day I met Kostya (my friend) and he told me that Zhenya started to do drugs. When I came to his home he was high, his eyes were shiny like a glass. After a long talk I asked the last time: "Quit doing it or you will lose your friend." He said that I should go home because we are not friends and never were. And after that I stopped seeing him.

I really think that it was my mistake. I should to understand him. That's why the friends are. But I didn't do it. Those three problems killed my hope to be friends again. May be if I was a little bit earlier I could help him, but I was too late. Girl, alcohol and drugs are your enemy. I'm glad that I didn't start doing it. But still I hope people won't use alcohol and drugs not because of losing your friends or loved one but because it is very bad for you.