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ProcrastinationProcrastination, an addictive habit to put off your homework till the last minute. Even though most students do it, it still should be something that we all should not do. One day I was sitting in school on an average boring day when in history class my teacher assigned a project to do. "Oh NO!" I thought, "When am I going to have time to do this." The project was do in two weeks on a Friday, so I figured that if I start on Wednesday there will be plenty of time. Come Wednesday, I of course had something better to do instead of doing the project. Thursday night, the last possible night that I could do it, I sit down with some paper and a pen and start. It all started going real well until I realized that I did everything wrong and had to start all over.

I started at 9 P.M. and by 12 I was almost done; it was taking me a lot longer than I expected. At midnight I sat down at the computer and typed all of it up, but yet another problem arose; the printer wasn't working! It took me about half an hour to fix the printer, print the project, and go to sleep. The end, or so I thought. In the morning, I woke up late due to a lack of sleep and forgot to grab the project on the way to the bus. In school I called my parents and asked them if they could bring it in. So in the end it all turned out well, but If I didn't temporize in doing my homework it would've saved me a whole lot of stress.