This is a process analysis essay on procrastination.

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I love Procrastinating

College Freshman sit at their computer, trying to think of the words, the words they need to complete their process-analysisessay. They waited too long to do it, and now they wonder; how they will survive?

So there you are, twelve o'clock on a Wednesday night, without one word of your essay written. But there is a way to conquer your procrastination fever, and I will show you how.

You walk into class one Thursday afternoon. You sit down at your desk with your English 104 writers handbook in front of you. You have all you need for the class: pens, paper, extra pens, some pencils and finally your notebook. The teacher walks into class, and announces that there will be a process-analysisessay due the next Thursday. Reading the choices, you start to decide which subject is better for you. You know that the assignment is due the next week, but instead of setting aside time that day, or later that week, you stuff the paper into your book bag and leave class.

During the course of the week, you occasionally glance at your choices and remember that your essay will soon be due. You run a few ideas through your head, but none seem to give you that creative "kick" that makes you want to actually sit down and write it. Later in the week, around Wednesday, you finally have that brainstorming brilliant idea for an essay that will rocket you to the top of the class, give you an A, and win you favor in the eyes of your English 104 teacher. The only problem is, you forget about the assignment, you are so busy with work and other school assignments that you actually forget to write the actual essay. So you...