The Process of Communication

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The process of communication is like a circle. It all begins when a "sender" sends a message to a "receiver" and the "receiver" then sends feedback. It is described as the process of sending and receiving messages to achieve understanding. There are a few steps involved in this process. First of all you need a sender, or a person that has a message to send to a receiver. The sender must then choose a medium in which to use to send the message, for example telephone, postal mail, e mail, face-to-face, etc. When the sender can not insert the message directly onto the medium, an encoder is needed to convert the message. When an encoder is used, a decoder is needed to convert the encoded message into a form the receiver understands. Once the message leaves the sender and crosses the medium, it reaches its target, the receiver. This person, after receiving and understanding the message the way the sender had intended, will in turn send feed back to the sender.

In my currant field, communication is very important. Working in a medical laboratory, we rely on good communication to relay information about a patients test results. A physician will use this information to make a diagnosis and to choose a treatment method. An example of a communication process in my department would start with a physician, being the sender, sending orders for laboratory testing on a patient to a laboratory employee or the receiver. The medium the physician may choose to use would be a telephone. By using a telephone, the message would be encoded into a signal that would travel that particular medium and then decoded in order for the receiver to understand the message. The laboratory employee, being the target for the message, receives the request...