The Process of Creative Problem Solving

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The Process of Creative Problem Solving Dallas Baptist University


Literature Review

While problem solving is an almost universal aspect of life, very few individuals follow a structured approach to solving problems. There is no simple plan that represents the universal problem solving process. Any process one may apply in the workplace or in ones personal life must be flexible enough to accommodate different work styles, unexpected discoveries and disappointments, and inevitable fluctuations in effort and creativity (Couger, 1995). The problem solving process for creating ideas should follow an effective sequence. Every recipe has a sequence and following it can raise the chances of it coming out successfully and obtaining the desired results. The creative process usually comes into play when some event causes an idea to come to mind. They are present in the things that are seen and done everyday.

Things around us may trigger a thought like "What would happen if...?"

Tony Proctor says "Creativity involves an ability to come up with some new and different viewpoints on a subject. It involves breaking down and restructuring our knowledge about the subject in order to gain new insights into its nature." However, any definition of creativity is complicated because the concept has many dimensions. The text provides an essential introduction to the ideas and skills of creative problem solving. It shows how and why people are blocked in their thinking, how this impairs the creative problem solving process and how creative problem solving techniques can help overcome these difficulties. Theories of creative thinking are critically examined and used to justify the variety of techniques which can be used to find insights into difficult management problems (Proctor 1999). The process used in this paper is...