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Doing your own tune-ups and general maintenance on your car can not only save money, but be more beneficial than having someone do it for you. There are many things involved in tuning up your car to keep it in peak condition and running well.

The first thing you will have to do is purchase the materials and supplies needed for the tune up. These include: a case of motor oil, spark plugs, an oil filter wrench, radiator fluid, brake fluid, and finally steering pump fluid. Most of these supplies can be purchased at a local hardware store or an auto parts store such as Pep Boys. To purchase these things you must first find out what kind of car, year, and engine size you have, then be sure to take this information with you to the store. At the store tell a sales associate these details and they will help you find the correct part sizes for your vehicle.

Changing your oil and oil filter regularly is one of the most important things involved in the tune up process. The reason for changing both the filter and oil is that the benefit of clean oil is quickly lost when you still have an old dirty filter in place. The first thing you need to do is allow your car to sit approxmently one hour or even more before changing your oil. If your engine is hot so is the oil, sometimes hot enough to severely burn your skin. Raising and supporting your vehicle safely is the next important thing you have to do. Use jackstands or a car lift to do this. Now you are ready to drain the oil from your car. Before doing so make sure you have a drain pan and wrench already under...