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The population of today's society has made the wearing of beaded necklaces are quite a fashion statement. These necklaces contain small, round, colored plastic beads and other intricate beads made out of different colored fimo. Fimo is a synthetic material similar to modeling clay, and can be used to make thousands on types of beads. These beads can then be made into necklaces. However, to describe the process of making this style of bead, a simple pattern will be used as an example. Specifically, the fimo example described will have a pattern with a small, yellow circular center surrounded by three small, green triangles and three small, red triangles. The following process will allow anyone without artistic ability to create a simple, inexpensive fimo bead that can later be used in stylish necklaces.

?The first step in the process involves taking a trip to a local craft store like, Michels, or a department store such as Wal*Mart, to buy the necessary supplies.

For the example fimo bead, red, yellow, and green fimo must be purchased. To make a complete necklace, other colored plastic beads would have to be bought along with a spool of beading thread and a silver clasp. Also, a sharp flat-edged cutting tool (for example, a razor blade) and a thick, large pin will also be necessary tools in the final stages of the bead making process.

?Once the supplies are gathered, the bead making process is ready to begin. The fimo color that will make up the center circle in the bead (which is, yellow) is the color that is first readied. A piece of fimo with the diameter of a quarter and the width of a pencil, is


pinched off from the larger slab of fimo. It is then rubbed between both...