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I can?t imagine going to an outing or a get together with friends and not having spinach dip to eat. But even if the menu is offering spinach dip it never tastes the same. The majority of the times you can look forward to the plainest dip in all the land that consist of finely minced spinach mixed into plain cream cheese. This is very boring for my taste buds, so I have discovered a way to make spinach dip that no one will forget.

Made with all the right ingredients it?s sure to make your mouth water. Every time I attend a get together with family or friends I bring my dip with me. Every one leaves room in their stomach when they know I?ll be there with my famous spinach dip. It is always the first thing to go when placed next to the other food on the table.

I have been making spinach dip this way for about 2 years now and I have had no complaints.

Today I will go through each step in the process of how to make an incredible spinach dip. The first step of the process is to gather all of the ingredients, which are 1 brick of cream cheese, 8oz. of shredded cheddar cheese, 1 medium sized red onion, 1 medium sized tomato, and one 10oz. frozen package of chopped spinach. You will also need a mixing bowl and a spoon to make this recipe.

Once you have gathered all of the needed materials you can now begin to prepare the ingredients. First you will need to chop the onion and the tomato. You should try to chop them as small as possible without mincing them. Now you can start placing everything into the mixing bowl. Make sure to...