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Since some people may not know how to or do not have the time to relax in today's busy world, it is important for one to learn at least one technique of relaxation. Once simple technique that comes to my mind is a method a nun has taught her students for many years. Even her students can teach this simple technique.

Step one tot his technique is to sit on a comfortable chair with hands flat on a desk or table while having the forefingers and thumbs touching one another. Step two, close your eyes and think. Step three, imagine a room with a door. This is your room. Make it any size, shape or color. You can choose the door to have lock on it or not. With a lock on the door, no one can break into space and you can leave your troubles behind the closed door.

Step four, open the door to view your room. Once it opens, you can decorate the room, as you like, with huge windows overlapping puffy white clouds or at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Step five, think of the furniture, music and lighting. This is your room so make it the way you would like it to be. Imagine sitting on a big comfortable sofa or chair while listening to soft music or not. Have full light or no light at all in your room. Make this room your paradise where you can get away from all your worries, troubles, and hectic schedules.

Finally, sit in your room for at least 10 minutes and think of only happy experiences. Maybe think about when you were a child playing with your family pet or riding your bicycle on a summer day. When you leave this room, you...