the process of writing a poem

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The Process of writing a Poem

Writing a poem is all about observing and felling the world all around you. A poem can be everything, from daily life to personal experience. Through writing experience, you can acquire release and find some new things, making your life more colorful. However, what is the right track to write a poem? According to my personal experience, finding a spark, thinking and editing are three parts that cannot be neglect.

A poem might start from searching a spark. Try to collect a pile of books written by different authors one can try to jot down some of author's idea in paper or notebooks about the best sentences or phrase they think. Sometimes, juxtaposition of sentences will bring one idea of creating new poems. Try to list all the new ideas of one and put transform these ideas into new words will.

It may sound difficult in some degree, but not be afraid to conceal your exact feelings so your emotions will be easily effused when doing poems. Moreover, do not forget plan a trip. For instance, if I want to write a poem about natural, I will try to visit some park or climb some mountain, which will be exact good chance to inspire new feelings.

After decide your own theme, consider how to realize it. Using right words and have a good structure might be crucial. Words like blocks of a building and they have different sizes and shapes, thus using write words will let your poem sounds perfect. Sometimes, the different between similar sounding words or synonyms can lead to interesting word play. When describe some concrete things, use your imaginary and other vivid description. In some situation, you can use some poem devices to enhance your...