Processed Foods are Deadly

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Teale Moran


Professor Bruner

23 March 2014

Research Paper

Processed Foods are Deadly

Our food is not safe to eat anymore. With all of the processing going on in the meat industries, there are no proper ways to truly know if the food is safe. The inspectors that are supposed to make sure our food is healthy, have failed multiple times to inform us on the hazardous chemicals that are being used throughout the food processing system. In California, a northern meat processing company recalled over 8.7 million ponds of beef products (Associated). The company, Rancho Feeding Corporations, processed diseased and unhealthy animals. The amount of meat that was processed was about a years worth of food. This is the type of problems we have to worry about when eating meat these days.

Due to the lack of attention, or care some would say, a meat-processing plant in Toronto, Canada, there were twenty-one deaths connected to a bacteria found in the meat company.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said, "…An environmental sampling program at the plant, which swabs the surfaces of equipment rather than testing the product itself, had identified positive results for the dangerous bacteria…(Smith)." The results were given to the company earlier in the year, and they simply just filed them without any action of change. About three months after knowing about the bacteria the Maple Leaf had the largest recall in Canadian history (Smith). Hearing about these stories makes me wonder where all the food I have eaten and the food I will eat in the future is coming from, and whether or not there will be hazardous chemicals involved. Not knowing is the scariest thing about the entire topic.

There have been higher discussions among those who have done research on the effects...