Processed Meats Effect the Society

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Processed Meats Effect the Society

Diabetes is a common disease in many Americans. Studies show that eating processed

meats leads to type 2 diabetes. The eating of these processed meats needs to stop due to the fact

that our society is being plagued by diabetes. People may not want to think of having to

abolishing them, but it is proven that 46% of people that eat processed meats will get type 2

diabetes. Dr. Hu of Harvard University said that the big increase in risk for diabetes 2 came

among those who ate processed meats five times or more per week. "That's too much," he said.

"We should change that eating pattern."

Ill-advised is something that is performed, carried out, or done without the benefit of wise

counsel or careful prior deliberation. Most people believe that ill-advised would be something

that shouldn't be done, something a doctor would recommend you don't do, or something that no

wise or prudent person would do.

We can all agree that smoking, drinking, and promiscuous sex

are examples of something that is ill-advised. None of these should be done; all three would not

be recommended by a doctor; and all three wouldn't be something a wise or prudent person

would do. Eating too much processed food is an ill-advised dietary behavior.

Although processed meats are not good for a person, reducing the use is much better than

eating a large amount. Dr. Hu and his study show that 46% of all males between the age of 40

and 75 that ate large amounts of heavy processed meats got type 2 diabetes. Everyone would

benefit if the amount of heavy processed meats they ate, were reduced. People that did not

consume large amounts of processed meats were not effected by type 2 diabetes...