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Dion S. Cone

GS101 Career Development

Ryan Murdock

Course Project Outline


Miller-Motte College

Methods on how not to procrastinate and achieve your goal

I. Introduction: My subject is in referance to not procrastinating. The main objective is to show methods and tried and tested steps in preventing such acts and and to be to directly establish connections and give direct references from studies and doctors.

II. Body:

Causes of procrastination



No goals

Time keeping

Grid Sheet

Tasking list

Frequent Breaks

Goal Setting results

Paper finished on time

Able to take on more task

III. Conclusion: So essentually at the end of it all I will show the importance of upkeep with school work or any business or even any personal task that you have slated and need to keep up with. The overall all outcome is to keep up with as much as you can and remain persistant in completing whats put in front of you.

According to the Liturature Diary do- Hereditary Brain analysis, date December 1999), faltering are inexplicit because the showing of unnecessarily delaying an effort till the explanation for some misery. this can be a behavior issue that numerous adults expertise perpetually. i will be able to be mentioning during this paper a {couple of} couple of studies asked on however dalliance hits understudies. beside that we'll examine approaches which can place a stop or employing a technique of obstruction and supply data on people via examples whereby delaying and win their targets. Around and conjointly as we have a tendency to approach the top we'll offer specific express data regarding waiting accomplished American state vastly through portion of schoool. Faltering Scrutinize within the starting of the primary article do- Hereditary neuroscience, December 1999), ab initio picked to try to to a...