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Is P&G selling laundry detergent and/or the possibility of clean clothes, or, is it selling the opportunity to be an excellent housewife (househusband) or mother (father)? According to the company website, Procter and Gamble (P&G) sells a wide variety of products including batteries, razors, toothpaste, potato chips, and pet food. Procter and Gamble describes itself as a company that "Three billion times a day, P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world. Our corporate tradition is rooted in the principles of personal integrity, respect for the individual and doing what's right for the long-term." and "Improving the lives of consumers worldwide is about more than just great products. It's about taking responsibility for improving our communities around the world through the work we do, as a Company and as individuals." ( and Gamble is selling more than their laundry detergent and clean clothes. They are selling something deeper than being an excellent housewife (househusband) that connects with consumers.

Branding: Five New Lessons demonstrated that "consumers were starting to identify with niche markets" and "the age of the giant, mass-market brand seemed to be dead". (Berner 2006) Procter and Gamble shifted their mass-market focus and began to expand to the "niche market" and use technology and market research to develop products such as "Tide Coldwater" which appeals to those consumers who want to save energy, the Tide Kick, is a combination measuring cup and stain penetrator, and the Tide StainBrush, is a new electric brush for removing stains. Procter and Gamble has also included convenience into their products with the Tide Bleach pen, which is advertised by a mom carrying one in her pocket and using it when ever and where ever she needs.

Secondly, Procter and Gamble looked at where Tide was in the...