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The total product of Levi's jeans can be categorized into its primary and auxiliary characteristics. First, the primary characteristics of Levi's include a product line for both male and female customers. Style sets are provided for males and entirely different styles are provided for women. Variations occur in the way the denim is cut, pre-washed, and died (this means that colors will vary). Examples of male and female styles include hard jeans, 501 jeans, boot cut/flare jeans, hipsters, relaxed, slim, and loose. The product not only satisfies a basic need for clothing, but it offers a stylish alternative for the stylish consumer.

Auxiliary characteristics of the product include, for one, the labeling. Jeans are clearly labeled according to their style and size. Further, they are typically grouped in department stores together in a well presented manner that is conducive to locating the style and size required. The same organization of product occurs in Levi's specialty stores and on their Internet store at

The brand name Levi-Strauss itself is an auxiliary characteristic. People may be looking for the primary product of jeans and be lured by the auxiliary characteristic of the brand. Other examples of auxiliary characteristics include the guarantee on product quality. If a customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the jeans, the pair can be returned for refund. This is an element of customer service and warranty. These auxiliaries make Levi's a more attractive option relative to its competition.

A fundamental reason for the success of the Levi-Strauss Company throughout its history is its diversity of customers. Levi's jeans appeal to a wide and diverse audience. Older, more conservative individuals can still find the old-style denim jeans that they had as children. This is a durable product that is comfortable, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. The other side...