Product Placement Analysis of the movie "Click" by Adam Sandler

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After reviewing the product placement data collected from my personal observation and put on an organized chart, on the following page. It helps to reveal that the movie is generated toward a target market of Adam Sandler's usual adolescence male constituency. These views generally fit into the following demographics of middle to upper-middle class males,

ages 17-25 years, no children, an annual income of $16,000 +, a high school diploma and higher, living at home or on own, parents both career oriented, seeks for technologically innovative products and brands, slightly comical and grotesque humor, and enjoys leisurely activities.

In this movie the goal of the brand products, those were purposely related to the film, is to remind viewers of the new high-tech devices that are designed to keep life more organized and faster equipped. As you can see on the following chart that the Universal Remote, which is by Sony, was the whole basis of the movie and this create a psychological arousal for the consumers want desire for this product.

Another brand that was plot driven was the Bed, Bath, & Beyond store, which was trying to demonstrate that this store can fulfill a large variety of wants and needs. The use of relative brands and repetition of products in films helps brands create a foundation in the consumers "black box" about the products brand loyalty. So when a consumer is shopping they have a positive review to relate a specific brand over another brand.

I think that the placement of a product is defiantly a major factor in a consumer's behavior. This is true because when products have to communicate to the consumer it is mainly done through images and motives attempting to perfect and reinforce the specific brands loyalty.

A constant reassessment of the products features,