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The Food and Drug Administration

Food Safety

Product Recall Procedures


Inspection Procedures


This research paper will discuss the Food and Drug Administration. I will focus on a small part of the agency's history and also the duties of the Food and Drug Administration pertaining to recall and inspection procedures.


Food Production has been regulated in the United States since the mid 1800s. The Food and Drug Act, which was enacted in 1906, prohibited interstate commerce of misbranded and adulterated foods, drink, and drugs. Although it has been repealed, new laws regulate an even wider range of consumer products. The Food and Drug Administration is one of the oldest consumer protection agencies in the United States. In 1979, the agency became a part of the Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA not only protects the American Citizen from unsafe foods but it also monitors drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics.

These duties also encompass the rights and safety of patients in clinical trials of new medical products and regulate labeling of all packaged foods.

Milestones in United States Food and Drug Laws

Several milestones achieved in the United States pertaining to the safety of food have been accomplished. These breakthroughs are the stepping stones that have given us one of the world's safest food supplies today. In 1883, Dr. Harvey W. Wiley became the chief chemist at the Bureau of Chemistry (the predecessor of the FDA). Dr. Wiley campaigned for a federal law regarding food adulteration. He is known as the "Father of the Pure Food and Drugs Act". In 1906, the original Food and Drugs Act was passed by Congress along with the Meat Inspection Act on the same day, June 30th. Major problems lead up to the passing of these two bills in Congress.