A product review on the Rioriot 20GB MP3 player

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The Rio Riot is an MP3 player that is designed to carry about 4000 songs (20 Gigabytes of music). It is manufactured by Sonicblue. Sonicblue is a company that owns Rio (which creates MP3 players), Replay TV (which is a digital video recorder, like Tivo) and Escient (which develops and markets new digital convergence products). Sonicblue is a good manufacturer for the Rio Riot because they have also created other technologically advanced products (like Replay TV) and understand what needs to be done to make the Rio Riot a well made and easy to use product.

The Rio Riot can be found in most electronic goods stores (like Future Shop, Best Buy and Radio Shack). It can also be purchased directly from Rio's online store, which is located at their website. The Rio Riot is often located within the same aisle or location of other music devices and MP3 players.

Rio makes sure that their MP3 players are located at the same places as other MP3 players so that people can see their products even if they were looking for a different player.

The Rio Riot uses several promotions to market their product. The price of the Rio Riot ($275) is about half the price of the IPod, which is the MP3 player that is Rio's biggest competition. By their being such a large price difference, people might be more interested in purchasing the Rio Riot even though the IPod is better known and more popular. The Rio Riot also comes with a coupon, which gives a discount on the purchase of any other Rio product. This encourages customer loyalty to Rio and repeat purchases.

The packaging the Rio Riot comes in is somewhat basic. It comes...