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There are many problem that Nada has. From their capacity planning problem to ice problem there is a wide range of problems. For the capacity planning problem we have decided to build a winter garden on garden of Nada.This winter garden will partially solve Nada's capacity planning problem. We have spoken with different companies which implement winter garden's to cafes and pubs. After speaking with them we have get an average price.

Nada's Garden Width: 3 Meters, 1.5 Meters, 3 Meters and 3 Meters

Nada's Garden Height : 2.5 Meters

Requried Space: (3+1,5+3+3)*2.5=26,25

We are going to use "Ege Series Folding System 8 mm."

If we use this system, the cost of this winter garden system becomes 9817.6 TL.

The winter garden system doesn't finish with building the cage. There is also a heating problem for this garden. Even if you use a insulation glass, inside of the garden will cold in winter.

There are several systems for heating. One of them is radiant heater which is used by the restaurant and bars in Ankuva.It is the method of intentionally using the principles of radiant hea t to transfer radiant energy from an emitting heat source to an object. Designs with radiant heating are seen as replacements for conventional convection heating as well as a way of supplying confined outdoor heating.The main heating source of this system is pipe.We are going to use BlackHeat BHC system for the heating system. The reason why we will use this system is; because of its compact structure it is more convenient for restaurant or pubs, the radiant pipes which get close each other gives a "homogenous and soft" heat.

Choice of burner ratings from 20 to 50kw. NOx emissions as low as 52ppm on certain models - 40%...