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As the machine shop production manager, I would absolutely implement the use of CAD, CAE, CAM, CIM, AND FMS. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) help me develop, design and test tools, components or products in a virtual environment. (Bovée/Thill/Mescon, 2007).

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) allows me to manage the production process via computers by providing production instructions to determine the appropriate tools and manufacturing process. (Bovée/Thill/Mescon, 2007).

Computer-integrated manufacturing will link the systems, information and people together throughout every step of the manufacturing process, and the flexible-manufacturing systems (FMS) will find ways to reduce manufacturing time and costs by linking together the necessary tools and automating the material handling steps. (Bovée/Thill/Mescon, 2007).

Since the final product requires a number of customized subunits, I would implement the mass customization facility layout. This allows me to mass-produce the final product, yet create and manage the customized steps necessary throughout the process which keeps down my overall costs.

(Bovée/Thill/Mescon, 2007).

Buying a franchise versus starting a business from scratch, can prove to be a better investment from both a financial and operational perspective in the long run. A franchisee is able to utilize the name, products, marketing resources, advertising, distribution, training, and vendors of the franchisor making it overall, less costly to operate. "All necessary tools are provided except human aspiration." (Gurnick, 2006).

"When owning a franchise, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself." (Franchise Relations, 2006).

"Corporate culture comprises the deeply rooted beliefs, values and norms shared by the members of the organization." (Office Environments, 2006). Corporate cultures must support the environment employees work in to drive towards the company's goals and objectives.

Corporate culture influences the way employees feel about the company they work for, and influences their drive to...