Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

Kristen Bunge

University of Phoenix


March 19, 2008

Professional Development Plan

My professional plan is to grow as a nurse by gaining knowledge through school and my daily experiences, so in five years I can care for patients and families as a nurse practitioner. I will make short term and long term goals to help guide me down my path as I transition into the role of professional nurse; providing me with new opportunities for my future. Beliefs and values influences the decisions people make in their personal and professional life. My beliefs and values were incorporated to make my philosophy of nursing, that is to be an advocate for my patients' and their family during their most vulnerable time, continuing my education to provide the best quality care available and taking a holistic approach by looking at the person as a whole; caring for their body, mind, and spirit (Chitty, 2007 p.


I believe nursing is an evidence based practice, the care provided to patients and family have been proven through research to be the safest most effective way to implement care. My values which mold my beliefs have been acquired throughout my life from the people around me and my experiences. My values and beliefs will continue to change as I get older, have more experiences in my profession and further my education in nursing.

One of my short term goals is to finish my baccalaureate degree in nursing. In terms of advancing professionalism, research was recently published, (Morris & Faulk, 2007), in which nurses were found to have increased professionalism and growth in roles and values after attending an ADN to BSN program. That is what I am striving to achieve...