Professional Dilemma

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IntroductionIndividuals are faced with professional dilemmas on a daily basis. Some dilemmas are more delicates than others. Some dilemmas can be fixed between two individuals while other dilemmas require the interception of a supervisor or manager in order to reach a solution. In this paper I will present a dilemma that occurred in my professional life when I was a human resources manager at a retail store. The experience will be described, the ethical dilemma will be analyzed and the outcome will be evaluated. Finally the paper will conclude explaining if the outcome would differ after beginning my program of study.

The DilemmaWorking at a retail store was a positive learning experience. I began that journey as a part time associated and received various promotions. The Human Resources Manager position was the last promotion I received before embarking to a new journey. During that phase of my retail life I was fortunate enough to experience new store openings.

During a store opening the other members of the management team helped in conducting interviews, completing paperwork and training the members that would be a part of the department that the manager would be in charge of. The store was fully staffed. I conducted a new hire orientation with all the new members and prepared a schedule for the new members to go train at other stores with the respective department manager while the construction of the store was being completed.

A few months after the store finally opened, my sister had a party on her birthday and I attended the celebration. One of my brother-in-law's (Alex) nieces, Mary, (that I had never met) attended the party. I was helping in the kitchen and when I went out I saw Mary and realized she was one of the new hired individuals. She...