Professional Dilemma and Conflicting Values Paper

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The Ethics Awareness Inventory at the University of Phoenix was created to assist its students with their development and understanding of what their personal ethical perspective and style is. The online survey enables students to learn more about their Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity (CORE). We will look at how Dominic views ethics in himself and others; we will also discuss the results of Dominic's analysis and what they mean.



MOST 12 7 5 0

LEAST 2 3 5 14



Based on the system of judgment; C.O.R.E system that UOP has created character is the first category and the highest scoring category of Dominic's analysis. Dominic believes that ethics relies on the ability of individuals to make sound moral judgments. He also does not believe that he has to comply with a preset standard of principles of what others consider to be right and wrong to find the solution to a complex ethical dilemma.

Dominic believes that is takes a special person one with commendable character to make the difficult choices


Dominic shows a high regard for his fellow human beings, and believes we all have our inherent values and that everyone serves a purpose. Although not the highest scoring category in the C.O.R.E. system, data shows that Dominic believes everyone has a right to individual respect. Consequently, Dominic will not support any social traditions and any policies directed at "the best interests of society as a whole". Dominic feels very strongly about his beliefs and would do everything within the boundaries of the law to see that anyone he comes in contact with is not wronged and they be allowed to make decisions for themselves.


The results of Dominic's ethical analysis show that he believes everyone...