Professional Football Player

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Professional Football Player

According to the National Football League, on average, each professional football player will receive at least three injuries prior to retirement. In fact, many of these injuries are bad enough to force a player into early retirement. Although a job as a professional football player is risky, many believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If an athlete can handle the stiff competition and endure the punishment of the job, then he will be greatly rewarded.

Very little education is required in order to become a professional football player. In fact, a high school diploma is all that is required by the National Football League. However, professional athletes will find that a college degree is very helpful and gives them something to fall back on if they are unable to compete at the professional level. Although little education is needed, tremendous physical ability is a must.

Wayne Chorney, the president of the Nation Capital Football Association says, "A good football player is fast, strong, durable, and able to develop technical skills that will advance him beyond the physical attributes he may have. Constant weightlifting and even participation in other sports is helpful to becoming a professional athlete." Above all else, the athletes must be determined to succeed at any cost. They must be willing to place the goals of their team above their own personal goals There are many various ways to advance in professional football however, they are commonly grouped into three main areas. The first are of opportunity for advancement for a professional football player is to advance with their team. On average, the salaries

for players on winning teams are higher than the salaries of those on losing teams. The second area of opportunity for advancement occurs when a player is traded...