Professional Issues in Computing: Assessment 1 - Computing & its Professional Institutions

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In the computing industry there are a great deal of organisations and institutions. Some of the more popular institutions are: -

The British Computing Society (BCS)

The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS)

The Institute of Electrical/Electronic Engineers (IEE/IEEE)

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

These institutions play a big part in the modern day world of computing and provide computing employees and people involved in the computing business with a very useful service. Such roles that these institutions play are things such as representing the profession of all who are employed in fields related to the computing industry. They also set the standards of qualification for professional positions and provide many degree courses in relevant computing professions. These institutions are also renowned for informing and influencing individuals, organisations and government on key issues. Overall the institutions are there to help the computing industry progress, to provide any help or ideas they can and to set standards worldwide.

The development of the computing profession takes us away back to 1884 when the American Institute for Electrical Engineering (AIEE) was founded. Then in 1912 the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) was founded. 1957 saw the British Computer Society (BSC) being formed which is now the only chartered professional institution for Information Technology. 1963 was the year in which the IRE and AIEE merged to form the IEEE, the process of examining the various components to consolidate activities began, and the opportunities for new projects were considered. From the AIEE Large Scale Computing Committee and the IRE Professional Group on Electronic Computers a new group would be formed. Many other professional institutions were later to be formed such as the Institute of Data Processing (IDPM) which would later be renamed as the Institute of Management Information Systems (IMIS).

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