Professional Issues In Computing: Ethical Issues in the Computing Industry

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Ethics in the computing industry covers aspects not of absolute rights and wrongs, in a legalistic or dispassionate sense, but also the how and where-for of functioning ethically within the real world, where not everything is cut and dried. Ethics attempt to advice how humans should act within society with regards to tings like fairness, openness, honesty, responsibility etc.

Examples of Ethical Problems and Solutions

1) Problem: You are a contracts manager who has just received tenders for a major ICT project set up by your company. You were entertained last night at a party, where a knowledgeable fellow-guest quizzed you about your job. As you leave, your host reveals that the other guest is a consultant whom, it transpires, is working for some of the contractors short-listed for the project. You are concerned that in your conversation, you revealed your details about the tendering process, including the criteria by which the respective contractors and their tenders will be assessed.

Solution: This problem has arisen because of "loose talk" and as a result of this has given the bidder concerned an unfair advantage. The first thing you should do as the contracts manager is admit what has happened and that you are concerned you may have revealed important information. When doing this one should seek advice on how to pursue the matter professionally. Advice you will most likely be given will be to pass criteria to all the other bidders as this will even out the unfair advantage that may arise if one bidder is more aware of criteria they will assessed on. This would obviously give the advantage of better preparation for the "more aware" bidder. In future to make sure this can't happen you should issue ALL bidders with the criteria that they will be assessed on and...