Professional Knowledge and Abilities

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Even though developing professional knowledge and abilities will have a huge impact on a person's career success, it will contribute to their career by furthering their knowledge of nursing and provides an abundant amount of information. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the only professional organization that represents over three million Registered Nurses (RN) interests throughout our Country.( 2009). The ANA offers its service free of charge to nursing students. For more than 100 years the ANA have been the voice for nurses. The ANA help with Policy development and lobby efforts to ensure that nurses are in the right place in the healthcare setting. The ANA also ensure that nurses are treated with care and are given the right resources. The ANA work closely with The American Nurse and the official journal American Nurse Today. These two journals provide their services at a discounted price for ANA members. The ANA offer conferences for their members and provide important daily issues on their website.

They even give useful information for people who are considering of entering the nursing field. They give them information on which schools they can attend to become a nurse to scholarships they can apply for. Nursing students are also able to ask questions on NurseSpace to finding their first nursing job on ANA's Nurses Career Center ( 2009). The American Nurses Association assists and directs nurses to the right resources for certification or to renew their certification. They offer discounted healthcare books, travel, uniforms, nursing shoes, computers from Dell, and many more other discounts that are available to ANA Members ( 2009). The ANA provide links for nurses in specific nursing practices or even links to further their career. The ANA provides links to Government Resources, and Grants. The goal for the ANA is to develop...