Professional Knowledge and Abilities

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The concepts of professionalism have received considerable and sometimes critical attention in sociology (Evetts, J., 2003). The values, professional norms, body of knowledge, and technical skills are taught and inculcated in a variety of educational forms, such as degree programs, internships, and on-the-job training. In this paper I will explain how developing professional knowledge and abilities impact career success. For this paper, I will use the American Nurses Association (ANA) to explain how this organization сan contribute towards increasing professional knowledge and abilities. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the only professional association that comprises over three million Registered Nurses (RN) concerns all through our Country (American Nurses Association, 2009).

The ANA boasts its service to nursing students at no cost. For more than 100 years the ANA have been the voice for nurses. The ANA help with Policy development and petition efforts to double-check that doctors are in the right location in the healthcare setting.

The ANA furthermore double-check that doctors are treated with care and are granted the right resources. The ANA work nearly with The American Nurse and the authorized periodical American Nurse Today. These two periodicals supply their services at a reduced cost for ANA members. The ANA offer seminars for their constituents and supply significant every day matters on their website. They even give helpful data for persons who are contemplating of going into the nursing field. They give them data on which schools they сan join to become a doctor to scholarships they сan request for. Nursing scholars are furthermore adept to inquire inquiries on NurseSpace to finding their first nursing job on ANA's Nurses Career Center (Nursing Students, 2009). The American Nurses Association assists and directs doctors to the right assets for certification or to improve their certification. They offer reduced...