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Practice in Context

Student Specialist Practitioner

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The main focus of this assignment is to critically explore and evaluate recent government policy and address the main themes which emerge. Analysis of the social and political drivers which have influenced and helped shape government policy over the years will also be addressed and included throughout this paper. Examination of the 'Labour government's third way ideology' in the context of modernising health and social care, especially within health inequalities, health promotion and prevention will also be integrated throughout. Particular attention will focus on the elderly, Long Term Conditions (LTC) and partnership working as this affirms the government's vision for change and remains evident within health and social care. For this reason I have concentrated on the implementation of Lord Darzi's next stage review: (NSR) Our vision for primary and community care (NSR, 2008). This will be abbreviated throughout as NSR (2008).

Further discussion will emphasise the Specialist Practitioner's role on leadership for future nurse provision at practice level to reflect policy changes.

Within the last few years there has been a plethora of government documents within health and social care, and with it, re-organisation and modernisation has become evident. After ten years of fundamental health service reform, the government announced its, NSR (2008) Headed by Lord Darzi, it reiterated the way forward for a 21st century National Health Service (NHS) which is clinically driven, patient centered and responsive to local communities. The aim is to ensure high-quality healthcare and evolve services to reflect the changes in society over the next ten years. The report highlights that healthcare will be based on clinical need, not the ability to pay. Consequently within this document health promotion and prevention is immense and remains high on the political agenda.

From the early...