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How Professional Sports Leagues in North America Are Dealing With ?The Attack on America Purpose The tragic events of September 11, 2001 left many businesses, organizations and industries wondering what to do know. One such industry that was effected greatly was that of professional sports. The timing of the attack occurred when all four major North American team sports were competing. MLB(Major League Baseball)?s season was just wrapping up, while the NFL(National Football League), NHL(National Hockey League), and the NBA(National Basketball Association) were just getting under way. Some might not think that these industries would be effected by September?s terrorist attacks on New York City. However, after further evaluation, the sports industry had to react in many ways that involved a plethora of managerial decisions to be made.

Major decisions had to be made concerning whether games would be cancelled or delayed, what types of aid each league would give to help the efforts in New York and those families that were directly affected.

Then there?s the issue of maintaining fan support. After a tragedy such as this people are more reluctant to spend money. Especially those families that are directly or indirectly touched by the tragedy. Managers of the league must ensure that people continue to attend the sporting events. Finally there?s the issue of those New York based franchises, of which there are a total of six in the combined four leagues. Naturally these have been the teams that have been most effected, and they must therefore develop the most dynamic ways of dealing with the problems presented to them.

Why Should Pro Sports Leagues React One big question is; why should teams in all of these four leagues make efforts to support relief funds for families that are effected, or to help repair the damage...