Professional Values and Ethics

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Values and Ethics apply to both our personal and professional lives. Understanding and implementing values and ethics in everyday practices will promote ones success in personal as well as professional career. This paper will define, and identify at least three sources of professional values and ethics. It will also describe how professional values and ethics can affect career success.

Value is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary Online as both a noun and a verb. As a noun value is defined referencing to an objects monetary or material worth and (Oxford English Dictionary Online, 2009) "worth or worthiness (of persons) in respect of rank or personal qualities." As a verb value is defined using terms such as (Oxford English Dictionary Online, 2009) "estimate or appraise as being worth a specific sum or amount", "to consider of worth or importance; to rate high; to esteem; to set store by", and "to pride or plume (oneself) on or upon a thing.

Also to a person." Value weather used as a noun or verb is a measure one uses to set a standard and measure by.

Ethic is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary Online as an adjective with terms such as (Oxford English Dictionary Online, 2009) "relating to morals." In its plural form of ethics comes the best definition of (Oxford English Dictionary Online, 2009) "The science of morals; the department of study concerned with the principles of human duty."Combining values and ethics define who we are in society, at home, in the workplace, and are recorded in history. How we chose to interrupt or accept these definitions will determine our decisions and the results. Without regard for values and ethics, the results could have adverse life changing consequences that could affect the masses.