Professional Workplace Dilemma

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Professional workplace dilemma and values are a topic that can occur on a daily basis in the workplace. "Ethics is the study of the choices people make regarding right and wrong," (Ruggiero, 2004, p. 3). People are faced with ethics to make those choices that can challenge any person in the workplace with the dilemma or value to abide by to have a decision to be either right or wrong. Each ethical dilemma faced by that person, in the workplace, can bring a sense of that right or wrong decision. The author of the paper has been faced with a professional workplace dilemma that has challenged the questions of ethics to bring the ethically answer to be was that right or wrong? What the author chooses to do was based on ethically reasoning and the ability of value to have the best outcome in the situation that will be provided.

The author will share the ethical issues that were faced in the workplace, who was involved, and what was the relationship of other individuals to the author. The author sees that possibly solutions for any workplace ethical dilemma can be seen on the author's own code of ethics, morals, and values.

Ethical IssueProfessional workplace dilemma's that are poorly handled can bring the negative effect in the workplace environment can be dealt within a professional manner. All people who are involved need to be assure that the dilemma can be handled in a professional manner with ethically reasoning "Unethical behaviors may bring about short-term benefits but can damage a company's long-term interests," (Fang, 2006). The author's ethical issue that was experienced is working in the customer service aspect of my job with the ability to be able to cross train, on the down times, in the author's position.

Knowing that...