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Weekly Reflection - Week 1

(1.1.2) Acquire the knowledge and understanding to fulfil their responsibilities in respect of cross-curricular themes including citizenship, creativity,enterprising attitudes, literacy and numeracy; personal, social and health education; and ICT, as appropriate to the sector and stage of education.

In terms of achieving this goal, there is still much development to take place as this is only my first week of placement and I am still building up my experience. I have not yet taught the class in a way which has allowed me to succeed in addressing this.

What I have done:

I have observed the class teacher consistently linking the children's learning to Health and Well Being. The class teacher has been including this as an integral part of the children's development, so it has made sense that I carry this on in my own practice. Curriculum for Excellence (Scottish Government, 2008) places Health and Wellbeing as an emphasis within Scottish education, so the more suitable links I make, the more successful I will be at addressing key issues within this area.

I have begun to address this goal within my context plans which are designed to enhance the children's new topic of emergency services. I have done this by relating the topic to first aid and how to keep safe within the local community. (see context plans)

What should also be noted is that although the class teacher does include ICT in her teaching, there is still great scope for this tool to be utilised effectively. In response to this observation, I have included ICT within my context and out with my context plans in order to enhance the skills and learning that the children develop. (see context and out with context plans) As Hall (2010) highlights the purpose of ICT being...