Professor Grin's: Economic Meltdown

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We live in a world full of mad men and sane men. The following story is about two main characters, Professor Grin, a nutty, impatient, aggressive scientist who has only one desire... to destroy the world's economic systems, and then replace them with his own. If he succeeds this would lead to him being the richest, most powerful man alive. Robin, the other main character is a smart, caring but shy Internet hacker whose only desire is to save the world form the likes of Professor Grin. Let the story begin....

Professor Grin snickered; confidently to himself he had just created the world's most devastating nuclear bomb. His sinister plan to destroy the worlds economies was almost complete, his first target... New York City, the economic powerhouse of America. If he could succeed in destroying New York City then all of the worlds' economies would crash and this would create a perfect time for him to implement his own one world government system.

He would rule the world!!!!

However, living in the heart of New York City (across from Central Park) is Robin. He had just come home from another normal day at school, ready to forget all about his homework and rush straight to his computer. Whilst dialing up different BBS's to find a suitable target to attack, he discovered an interesting heading labeled Nuke-Time-Bomb. As he sat there thinking what it might be about he decided to check it out. Entering the system the first thing that popped up was: Username: Password: for the highest-level security. Thinking to himself that it was just another pathetic system he pulled out Jack The Ripper and began to search for available usernames and passwords.

(Two hours later) A red light flashed on his monitor, Username found: Professor. Grin,