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Kimberly Weber Essay 1­Profile

With more than 25 years of experience and expertise in many different areas, Kelly Henry has

been successful both nationally and globally. Throughout her life she has held many different jobs, and

she has travelled most of the world. Although Kelly is very busy with her work and travels, she takes

the time to visit her family regularly, and to take care of her mother­in­law. She is not only a worldly

person, she is also extremely generous, considerate, and caring towards all people she comes into

contact with. Kelly is truly an inspiration to others through her success, devotion to her family, and the

knowledge she has gained in her travels and experiences throughout the world.

Kelly was born and raised in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. She was the oldest of three, with one

sister and one brother. Even as Kelly's siblings were going out for sports and spending a lot of their free

time with friends, she preferred to read a book and focus on her schoolwork. She was a straight A

student and she loved learning. Kelly attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated

with a degree in education. After a few years of teaching in the Pittsburgh area, Kelly decided that she

wanted try something different.

After applying to a few different places, Kelly was offered a job as a consultant in human

resources for KPMG, one of the largest professional service companies in the world. After gaining

some experience, Kelly moved on to work for Pearle Vision. Throughout her time there, she climbed up

the ladder very quickly to become the Vice President of Human Resources. This role in the company

was a worldwide human resources responsibility including Employee and Labor relations, Loss

Prevention, and Safety and Risk. After Kelly's work with...